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Commercial  maintenance

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Management: Service
lawn maintenance

Commercial Turf & Landscape Maintenance

Our COMMERCIAL Turf & Landscape Maintenance Division provides complete turf and landscape maintenance services throughout Central Florida. We currently maintain a wide array of properties including homeowner associations, apartment complexes, condo associations, government centers, shopping centers and much, much more.

Each client's Team Leader will act as your personal relationship manager who will serve as your point of contact for ALL of your needs. This relationship manager will assist you in using all of our company's resources to ensure we are your
SOLUTION to a headache-free experience.

All of our service departments utilize a system of trackability. Online Requests are uploaded to our "current jobs" list, accessible by all managers and supervisors. Notifications are sent to all involved parties for any "current job" that goes more than 48 hours without being updated, ensuring your requests NEVER go unanswered.

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